"I used to love getting drunk. Then I tried drugs."
"I find it funny that you were the one person who promised you’d never leave me….yet where are you now? Cuz I cant see to find you sweetheart."
ericarose95, Erica lynn (via ericarose95)
"The problem is I fell for a charmer who liked what he saw and knew I was a fan of poetry and poetically sang his words into my ears, he rapped me up, and cut out a chunk of my heart, then disappeared with it. never to be seen again, but the smell of nicotine where he last touched my skin remains. and every time I rub my face I inhale him in every single god damn breath I take"
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"I think you can either be friends with someone, or be in love with them. I don’t think you can be both."
Stefan Salvatore (via itslarisaaa)